Friday, 8 November 2013

8th November 2013

An early morning visit was followed later by an afternoon trip staying over the tide. A maximum of 9 Purple Sandpipers were seen - 8 roosting in the tide gauge & 1 seen flying off to Middle to roost with the Turnstones. A small flock of 10-12 Common Scoter spent the time splashing around on the sea near HE52. Surprisingly 4 Gannets were seen fishing throughout the period between Hilbre and the wind farm. Less surprising were the Great-crested Grebes and single Red-throated Diver.
The colour ringed Turnstone from winter 2007/08 was photographed just before high tide- see photo.
The ringed female Kestrel spent the afternoon hunting Short-tailed Field Voles and was seen to be successful on at least two occasions - see photo where you can just make out the ring on the right leg.

Purple Sandpipers
(PSW)  photos PSW

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