Thursday, 12 February 2009

12th February 2009

The Brents were well scattered for the high tide today, some along the tide edge (above), some exhibiting neck stretching (aggressive?) behaviour. The Dublin ringed bird is still present with the flock.

Highlight of the day was the continuing fly-past of Divers moving south west, there were 33 today all the red-throated variety(below).

Other birds observed at high tide
included a Mute Swan going west towards Wales, 30 Great crested Grebes, 16 Common Scoter, 2 Guillemots and a splendid male Red-breasted Merganser(left).

A Harbour Porpoise swan down the Dee just before noon, no doubt the same individual that has been seen on recent days.

The regular waders (above) gave good views, some bearing rings from previous years.

The partial albino Song Thrush made a welcome return among the five present and has probably made a visit to the mainland as it has not been observed for some weeks now despite its preferred areas on the island being known.

(DB,CJ,KMc,AO) Photos CJ

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