Tuesday, 29 October 2013

29th October 2013

Weather, wind WNW force 6 frequent showers
A low tide visit by a party from the Manchester area battled the wind and driving rain in their faces but thoroughly enjoyed their time on the islands. A late Sandwich Tern was on the West Kirby beach and was probably the Netherlands ringed tern from yesterday, although its legs were in the water and so we could not be certain. The Brent were scattered in small parties so could not be counted, unlike a flock of 8 Wigeon that flew south of Middle. The sea was again quiet despite the windy weather apart from a drake Scoter that hauled out at the north end.

  A single Purple Sandpiper was glimpsed at the north end, but the big surprise was finding one at Little Eye on the way off the island.
Also by Little Eye a lone Golden Plover rested from the wind (right), possibly the bird that has been around the Wirral north shore for some time.

(CJ,KMC+SD, + Dave Steele and party)
Photos CJ

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Unknown said...

Thanks for a really enjoyable visit. Yes, the weather was a little bracing, but the sightings made it all worthwhile.