Monday, 11 August 2014

11th August 2014

 Weather:- WSW force 6/7
Still a strong wind, and the sea was quite rough at the north end, the Manx Shearwaters however were less abundant and 180 was a far fewer number than yesterday, while other seabirds noted were a dark phase Arctic Skua, 6 Gannets and a Fulmar. Two other good sightings today were a Golden Plover that was on the ground briefly after flying between the islands, and a Merlin that flew passed the north end of the island. Terns were again in good numbers with 50 Common, 150 Little and 600 Sandwich. As expected no land migrants were to be found today.

Golden Plover

Sanderling with Dunlin
Short-tailed Field Vole
(AMC+1,FD,CJW & family)       all photos CJW

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