Saturday, 13 June 2015

12th June 2015

Weather:  SE 1, 2/8, good vis, slight haze

A Spotted Flycatcher was seen flying high above the island towards Red Rocks before it seemed to have second thoughts and 'dropped like a stone' into the lower paddock next to the SK trap where it was photographed.  A short time later it had entered the Newton trap and was caught and ringed.

As the temperature rose more insects appeared with Painted Ladies again in evidence and then the first Humminhbird Hawk-moth of the year was found in the now usual place above Niffy Bay.

Recent suspicions that a fox was still at large on the island were confirmed tonight when the Friends of Hilbre volunteers spotted one in fine health near the Telegraph Station.  This is perhaps the cause of a substantially reduced Shelduck breeding population this year and no sign of the Mallards breeding.
(DB (later), JE, SRW)

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