Friday, 5 June 2009

5th June 2009

Predictions don't always come true (see blog for 3rd June 2009) however, today was incredible!

A Paddyfield Warbler was trapped and ringed on Hilbre late morning (see below). A first record for Hilbre as well as Cheshire and Wirrral.

Unfortunately, after release into the area it was caught it has not been seen subsequently.

When we have all recovered from the shock more photos and detail will follow. There were no other grounded migrants today...

Recovered slightly now - here are a couple more photos... an amazing find by Obs regular John Elliott.

Photos - top SRW, left and right BSB, below SRW

(JE, CJW, SRW et al)


Mark Grantham said...

Good tatty adult, but any idea of sex?

Andy Wraithmell said...

MEGA! Congrats guys

AW and ASW in Florida

Hilbre Steve said...

Hi Mark

We did not sex it but it had a fairly short wing length (even for Paddyfield) 56mm ... female?

Hi Andy/Alan

Thanks guys - I did ring Alan forgetting he was in the states.


Andy Wraithmell said...

he's gutted Steve but I did get him his life Least Bittern, Orchard Oriole and Clapper Rail this morning as small compensation.