Sunday, 22 November 2009

22nd November 2009

After waiting 8 years for the next foreign ringed passerine to arrive at Hilbre, another turns up within 11 days ! Also a Blackbird, this time a German ringed bird from the helgoland scheme was found in the ' heli ' heligoland trap named after the migration station in Germany. The brown coverts contrasting with the darker new feathers made this individual easy to age as a male born in the current year. There can be little doubt now that many if not most of the Blackbirds that pass through Hilbre in late autumn are from the continent. Just received is news that a German Blackbird has been found dead in Birkenhead on the same date that the Dutch bird was on Hilbre.

More mundane records from this before tide only visit were of a Song Thrush, a Dunnock, and a Redwing. The Brent geese are still at 114, Cormorants were estimated at 700 and there was some Starling movement.
Ringed:- 1 Song Thrush
(DB,JE) [597] photos JE


Phil Woollen. said...

A brilliant result and along with the Paddyfield Warbler is reward for all the effort put in by the Obs members.

Peter Fearon said...

Belter! Well done guys!!!

The Wirral seems to be a little hotspot for foreign Turdus these days!

Hilbre Steve said...

Thanks Phil and Pete, it's always rewarding to get the exciting foreign recoveries and adds to our small but interesting set of foreign Blackbird recoveries from Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Germany).