Sunday, 21 October 2012

21st October 2012


The fog around Wirral cleared over the shore at dawn but about 09.00hrs a thick blanket crossed the Dee giving visibilty on the island down to 50 yards. Even before the fog it was a good morning with migrants on the ground, Song Thrushes in particular with 9 today, also 7 Blackbirds, 10 Goldcrests and a Chaffinch. Two Reed Buntings were on Middle after dawn, but did not make it to the main island, although a wandering Wood Pigeon did so. 
Short-eared Owl

The Short-eared Owl from yesterday was surprisingly still on the island and was flushed from the bracken at the south end, and of course the Merlin still made the island its own, this time without any opposition from another of its kind. Counting of any shore or sea birds was almost impossible although the fog did lift later as the sunshine broke through.
Ringed:- 7 Goldcrests, 4 Song Thrushes, 2 Blackbirds, 1 Chaffinch      [ 1054- 31 ] 
A party from Wirral Advocacy was able to enjoy some of the day with us.
(DB+ESCA,JE,CJ,KMc)   photos   JE (Chaffinch)   CJ (others)

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