Saturday, 14 September 2013

Norwegian Black-headed Gull returns

The colour ringed Black-headed Gull seen distantly on the shore on Thursday was found on the pontoon at WKML on Friday evening (13th) and photographed (see below).  This bird J1CR was originally ringed at Breiavatnet, Stavanger, NORWAY, on 12th July 2012 before being seen at WKML by WBC Ranger Matt Thomas on 10th October 2012 (see blog on 12th October 2012).  It was then reported by several people (including Obs members DB, CS et al) during the Winter 2012-13 around West Kirby including at WKML and Ashton Park lake until 25th February 2013.

It was then seen back in Norway between 8th April and 5th August 2013 before being seen on the shore between WKML and Little Eye on 12th September 2013; presumably it will stay around the West Kirby area for the winter again before heading back to Norway next Spring.

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