Saturday, 27 December 2008

27th December 2008

A cold but sunny morning (-2c) led to a only slightly less cold sunny day (+2c). Twenty one Purple Sandpipers rested on the west ledges (one can be seen with a colour ring) and at least 80 Brent were counted before the tide pushed them away.

A new Song Thrush was ringed today and the partial albino bird showed well in its favoured spot by the rangers garden wall. A Blackbird retrapped today has a long history of being caught over the last 4 years, and is probably a regular winterer. Two Robins caught were also previously ringed birds.

At nearby Red Rocks a Snow Bunting was on the beach and a Black Redstart was still present this afternoon, although it required the observer to stand on one rock in particular in order to see it over the nursing home wall !

(JE) photos by JE

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