Saturday, 13 September 2014

13th September 2014

Weather: SE 3, 8/8 cloud, poor vis (5miles), slight mist around estuary

A late night bat detection session last night revealed over 20 passes of Pipistrelle Bats - what better way to spend a Friday evening?

Despite the pessimism of some this morning - it was a nice morning again on the island with an early trap round producing a Goldcrest and the first of four Reed Buntings made its presence known by its persistent calling from the blackthorn in the lower trapping areas.

Overhead migration remained a little thin but once again Grey Wagtails were well represented with 12 counted during the morning, a few Swallows passed over a nice flock of 12 House Martins.

5 Wigeon flew around the North End early on and 7 Teal flew in and landed on the edge of the East Hoyle sandbank for a short while.

Grey Wagtail - it has been a good few days for this species passing over the island and today saw several bird grounded briefly (SRW)
 The predicted later arrival of phylloscs  (a feature of the last few days) started at about 840am when 2 Chiffchaffs and a Willow Warbler had found their way into the Old Obs mist net.

With several more Chiffchaffs caught and ringed during the morning, a couple of new Meadow Pipits and a control Robin which was in the Obs garden (we look forward to finding out where this bird was ringed).

Robin - an adult ('4') control ringed elsewhere (JE)

A Raven appeared from over Middle Eye and flew in towards Hilbre before doubling back to Middle where it was joined by a second bird.

Raven - joined a second bird over Middle (SRW)

Pimpla rufipes - an ichneumonid that parasitises Lepidoptera pupae was found on the Obs window during the morning (SRW)

(JE+HVJ, ME+HE, SRW, TGW) [783-35]

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Pete Marsh said...

Please keep checking any grounded Grey Wagtail for colour rings. Ringed 115 in last three weeks at Heysham. Thanks

Pete Marsh