Sunday, 24 May 2015

24th May 2015

Weather: NW 3, 8/8 drizzle first thing, clearing later 

Drizzle soon after dawn did little to raise expectations considering the wind direction and temperature.  Similarly the poor visibilty did little to increase prospects of much and meant that observers could not even see the arrival of one of the three queens into the Mersey through the murk.

As always though there were still birds and wildlife to be seen around the islands and Little Egrets seemed oblivious to weather as the fished happily in the gutter dancing around.

Sandwich Terns and Gannets were much in evidence on the sea but without the sun yesterday's East Hoyle roost of the former only reached about 30 birds on the flood tide with none present on the ebb.

Waders had decreased in number from yesterday but there were still a few hundred Dunlin,  50+ Ringed Plover, 78 Sanderling and 2 Curlew.

Meanwhile the Peregrine sat menacingly on the sandbank as the tide dropped and was watched stopping at a Dunlin shortly after. 

The summer plumaged Razorbill was seen on the sea off the North End.

A single Whitethroat appeared along the Obs fenceline mid afternoon and was the only passerine migrant noted today.
(SRW et al (from over))

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