Monday, 15 July 2019

15th July 2019

Weather: SE sunny and warm

A Wheatear was ringed today, a bird in plumage that most have never seen. It was a nominate race, first year bird that had just started its post juvenile moult, the picture shows its robin like spotty plumage.
There was a single male, scoter lounging at the North End before the tide and a little egret fishing there after the tide.
 There were a lot of sandwich terns flying past during the tide with food for their young, arouind 200 but it could have been more.

 There were 5 Pied Wagtails including this juv in the picture.
There were plenty of butterflies, the nicest being a comma. Only 69 Grey Seals could be counted.

Ringed: 1 Wheatear.       [ 576-30 ]
photos JE

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