Wednesday, 17 July 2019

17th July 2019

Weather: West 2/3, strengthening later, overcast with light showers mid-afternoon.
Similar species to recent days with the Magpie and female Kestrel still present, the latter eating its prey on the chimney stack.

Both Linnet and Swallow flocks included recently fledged juveniles,
as did the vocal Sandwich Terns seen all around the islands and shore. A sea watch over the tide produced 40 Gannets, 3 Great Crested Grebes, a siongle Guillemot, as well as hundreds of terns, mostly Sandwich. A male Common Scoter was between the islands as the tide ebbed and 5 Whimbrel were on the rocks. Despite the overcast conditions butterflies on the wing included Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Ringlet and Green-veined and Small Whites.
Day flying moths included Six-spot Burnet and Yellow Shell, while Cinnabar moth caterpillars fed on Ragwort.
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