Tuesday, 26 April 2011

26th April 2011

The wind dropped overnight then picked up from just north of east, not ideal and so it proved. The only migrants on the island during the early morning stint were a single Wheatear and a few Swallows over. The two Little Egrets pranced about in tidal pools by Middle Eye and there were a few Whimbrel scattered amongst the rocks around the islands. Slight drizzle mid morning raised hopes but observers were still mildly surprised to find a Gropper in the SK trap at 11.15hrs; one of the 'yellow morph' variety (see left and right above).

Other natural history news - the Rabbit was seen again on Easter Sunday (no it's not a wind up about the Easter Bunny!) and a dead Pipistrelle Bat was found today (see right).

Ringed: Linnet and Gropper

[CLW, SRW (plus CJW (f), GIW,TGW )] [341-35]

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