Saturday, 9 April 2011

9th April 2011

The wind swung around to a moderate south easterly breeze overnight and although the sky was clear throughout it delivered a small fall of migrants soon after dawn. A couple of dozen phylloscopus warblers were equally divided between Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler as expected as the spring progresses towards mainly Willow Warblers in the second half of April. The first Redstart of the year was found very early at the south east corner of the island, but after perching on the 'stack' it immediately left for Middle and was never seen again. Eight Wheatears were seen passing down the west side (3 on Middle) but most had left before 07:30hrs. Other early birds on the island included a Reed Bunting, a House Sparrow (top left), a Tree Sparrow (above right) and a Grasshopper Warbler glimpsed in the east side cliff hedge. A lot of Redpolls (50+) and many Goldfinches called overhead with just 2 Siskins and at least 24 White Wagtails were around (above), probably making for the Hoylake shore where many others had gathered. Yet more firsts for the year was a Yellow Wagtail heard overhead and likewise a Whimbrel calling somewhere on the shore on the west side. No House Martins today but 11 Sand Martins and 7 Swallows went through up to midday, there will probably be more logged this afternoon. Late morning the Grasshopper Warbler was finally trapped but to everyones surprise it turned out to be the individual that was ringed yesterday. A Sparrowhawk flew south low over the rocks on the west side (above right), while other scarce visitors today included 2 Magpies (above left), 2 Canada Geese, 8 Greylag Geese and some Jackdaws overhead. Another male Blackcap was ringed making it a good year so far for this species. There was not a lot of time for sea or shore watching but a single Gannet was seen and 3 Sandwich Terns gave a good show over the south of the island (left). A Speckled Wood butterfly was the first this year, although there were also a few Small Tortoiseshell flying today in the sunshine. Ringed:-8 Chiffchaffs, 7 Willow Warblers, 2 Redpolls, 1 Blackcap, 1 Linnet, 1 Robin, 1 Wren, 1 Meadow Pipit (RA,DB,FD,CJ,BT+1,CLW,CJW,TGW,GIW,NDW,PSW,SRW,+CD) [163-27] photos CJ

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Pete Marsh said...

I'm still wondering whether one of this moprning's birds ought to go down as REDPO, especially as an [i]obvious[/i] Mealy was also ringed!