Sunday 13 February 2011

13th February 2011

The weather turned back to overcast, occasional showers and blustery. However, coverage remains excellent but the only early morning news was of single Common Scoter (see left) off the North End and Peregrine seen and the beach which was simply 'covered in worm casts' (see below).

The only passerines seen on the island today were 3 Wrens and two Crows although a large flock of finches spotted over the beach were probably the Linnets that had been around over the last week.

A single Grey Heron took the opportunity of a quiet day to try and feed in the New Pond, but was soon flushed by the arrival of the odd visitor.

The regular waders and Brents were present in good numbers and the inshore lifeboat was carrying out its Sunday exercises (see left).


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