Thursday 4 January 2018

4th January 2018

Weather:  SE force 1, then W 6/7, up to WNW storm 10 middle of the afternoon

Today was very contrasting weather wise from still and bright in the morning to a force 10 Westerly in the afternoon which held the tide in for over 3 hours after High tide.
The Purple Sandpiper roost held 9 birds again and over 6000 Oystercatcher roosted on Middle Eye with 227 Brent Geese until the storm blew waves over the island putting everything into the air with a Peregrine also putting in an appearance.

The Eider drifted towards Little Eye -6 in number and 7 Pintail joined them briefly.
On our return to the mainland after tide 10,000 Knot fed between Middle and Little Eye.
photos AEH

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