Friday 30 August 2019

30th August 2019

Weather: SW 3-4, 8/8 cloud, moderate visibility

Fresh evidence of fox was found at the South End (i.e. footprints) - which is a shame as we thought we'd seen that last of the fox; beautiful animals but on our tiny island they decimate the resident bird and mammal populations.

A single Wheatear was noted but there were hardly any other migrants today.  A day spent by one member and a volunteer cleaning up the mess left by disastrous structural works which had by now washed into the tide gauge and surrounding the north end.

One advantage of spending a lot of time at the North End was the re-sighting of presumably the same Black Guillemot seen twice off the North End over the tide.

Meanwhile a dor (or dung) beetle was an interesting find.

Ringing: Robin [633-30]

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