Sunday, 16 February 2020

16th February 2020

Weather:  SW then WSW, force 7  showers
Best bird of a windy few hours this morning was a Lapwing spending some time in the east gutter on the ebb tide, a bird infrequently recorded on the island except during cold weather movements.

Several large groups of Knot were on the shore, totalling about 1,200 birds.
 The island pond was as full as we can remember following the winter rain.
Despite the wild weather Wren, Robin and Song Thrush were all heard in song and a Rock Pipit was found down the west side. It appears that the Magpie has finally left us, it's not been seen since 3rd February. An inspection of the buildings and traps following the gales only found minor damage to report.
photos CJ

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