Saturday, 18 June 2011

18th June 2011

The wind had changed overnight to just north of west although it had dropped it still felt fresh (moderate force 3-4). The only 'write-on' the day-sheet was the Little Egret fishing the flooding gutter - so regular now that it won't be long before it will, perhaps sadly, be relegated from 'write-on' status.

A few terns passed the island as the tide flooded but there were no migrants seen and focus remained on the breeding birds, many of the females of which appear to have gone whilst the males were actively singing again. No doubt some will be having second broods, although the pair of rather late arriving Swallows will only be on their first.

Concerns that it was going to be another 'null day' ringing-wise were allayed when a drake Mallard was caught by hand in the Obs garden (see photos)!

Presumably the same juvenile Kittiwake had changed its preferred roost site to Middle Eye, but sea-watching was also quiet (up until high tide).

[PSW, SRW, TGW] [618-39]

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