Saturday 4 June 2011

Evening Update

The day continued to provide interesting sightings, as the tide ebbed four immature drake Eiders (of varying degrees of immaturity) flew up and down the gutter and momentarily landed off the east side before flying off east (see below).

Up to 75 Ringed Plovers (right) were around over the high tide period as well as smaller numbers of Dunlin. A male Kestrel hunted over the South End and Middle Eye as evening approached and several Swifts passed over the island heading west to east.

The final sighting of the day was a flock of Canada Geese (25 in total) flew west over the Obs calling (see right). The Hummingbird Hawk Moth made a brief reappearance late afternoon, but with the wind shifting to the east it was having difficulty hovering! However, the change in wind has left observers dreaming of what tomorrow might bring...

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