Friday 1 July 2011

1st July 2011

Both male and female Wheatears (above) were flitting about the main island today which is quite unusual for early July, but they were nevertheless very welcome although they found enough food without sampling the potter trap meal worms on the menu. As the tide approached a (family?) party of 5 Eiders drifted down the east gutter (above) and then fed to the east of Middle for some time.
The light north westerly did not bring many seabirds, just 4 Gannets, 2 Sandwich Terns, a group of 16 Common Scoter flying east and an adult Kittiwake (above) hanging about the north end until the tide drove it away. Most of the regular breeding species were showing, also 2 Swifts went through in the afternoon. A close up view of the barge that ferries the Airbus 380 'super-jumbo' wings between Harwarden and Mostyn dock was available today as it made its way around the north end towards the Mersey for maintenance (right), passing (seen in the distance) the ship that transports the wings onward from Mostyn to Toulouse in France. Ringed:- 1 Dunnock (juvenile)
(DB,CJ,KMc) [621-39] photos CJ


Kiron Manuel said...

thanks for the informative pictures.

Kiron Manuel said...

thanks for your good effort to show the pictures of the barge