Thursday 30 May 2013

30th May 2013

Weather: WNW 4 (dropping), 8/8 vis 10miles intermittent drizzle

With the wind backing NW and set to remain from that quarter into next week the semi-residents could be forgiven for taking a lie in - but unsurprisingly there was very little in the trapping areas during the morning.

With news of numerous Red-backed Shrikes all down the east coast and Common Rosefinches reaching certain Irish Sea islands in recent days hopes spring eternal with south-easterlies forecast for the middle of next week.... 

12 Little Egrets were recorded today and the Herring Gull rehabilated and ringed at Widnes on 12th September 2007 as a first year bird (and first seen around Hilbre on 19th October 2009) had disappeared towards the end of 2012 reappeared last month and has been seen fairly regularly again recently (see above and below). This adult bird is distinctively pale on the wings and mantle compared to other adult Herring Gulls around.

(SRW, TGW from over) 

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