Wednesday, 27 May 2015

27th May 2015

Thrift and Birds-foot trefoil are now in flower (CJ)
Weather: WNW force 3, dropping during the morning
Garden Tiger caterpillars are everywhere on the grassy paths (CJ)
Hilbre bird of the day was not seen from the island but from the marine lake in the form of an Osprey that flew west between Little Eye and Middle Eye at 11.55hrs (AEH). Late May or even June Ospreys are by no means unknown, although most pass through in April or early May. Things on the island were not as exciting with the continued westerly scotching hope of any late migrants. Three Goldfinches landed briefly and a few odd Swallows joined the locals as they passed and a Sand Martin came through at Midday, otherwise it was just the breeding birds on the island, including the pair of Blackbirds which had not been seen for a while, and the unringed Rock Pipit. Several parties of Shelduck flew west including one of 39 birds, and the Dunlin and Sanderlings continue around the island but in smaller numbers than of late. The morning was so cool that no butterflies ventured out and a single Common Darter at midday was the only other sighting. The high counts of Common Seals continued with a peak of 550 today.
Grey Plover with Dunlin (CJ)
Two of the several Sanderlings feeding at the north end (KMc)

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