Sunday 19 October 2014

19th October 2014

Wind: SW Force 7-8. Cloud cover 1 to 4/8.
Pressure 29.68 Bar
Temp 17 C
Sandwich Tern
Given the weather conditions not much was expected to turn up on Hilbre but the opportunity was taken to observe the waders at close range by following the tide as it ebbed. Good numbers of the commoner waders were seen but the star bird was a very late Sandwich Tern hunkered down with the gulls between Middle & Hilbre. As expected passerines were few in number but surprisingly a female Chaffinch was found in the Obs garden. Later a female Reed Bunting was located in the SK paddock before moving to the bracken at the south end. A female Wheatear also appeared and was picked up flying down the east side from the Obs balcony before landing in the south end cove. 



Ringed Plover
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These photos are very beautiful!