Sunday 13 June 2021

12th June 2021

 Weather: WNW force 3  cool breeze at first

A quiet day with limited coverage produced very little in the way of bird records. A group of 10 Canada Geese flew between the islands and south down the Dee. At the north end there was a slight surprise of an additional female Eider on show, which was associating with a male, while the regular female sat alone on the whaleback, interestingly the pair were sitting apart yesterday. A female Kestrel flew low into the main island where the Whitethroat still sings enthusiastically. Waders were particularly scarce at low tide, only a couple of hundred Oystercatchers were recorded. The moth catch from last night yielded (in order): Marbled Coronet, Common Swift, Buff Tip, Grey Pug, Shears, Garden Carpet, Green Carpet, Brown Silver Line

 photos CJW

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