Thursday 20 May 2010

20th May 2010

No apologies for not showing any bird photos today because there weren't any birds, at least none of great interest, just a slow passage of Swallows that did not begin until 8.00hrs (plus a single House Martin), two Wheatears on the main island and the regular small number of waders including 2 Whimbrel.

By far the most excitement was generated by the appearance of a Red Fox in the east gutter at about 09.00am (above). Observers attention was drawn to it by the noise of the breeding pair of Crows dive bombing it as it slowly walked out away from the island (left). The Fox increased speed as a mobbing group of gulls and Shelduck pursued it towards Red Rocks and in fact it broke into a gallop half way across. It seemed to be heading towards the slipway at Red Rocks but it is more likely to have sought the cover of the marsh.
A few Common Frogs have been seen out and about during the last few days (right).
Ringed today:- 2 Linnets.
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