Saturday 29 May 2010

29th May 2010

A wet blustery day greeted observers and despite the wind direction being from the favoured south east hopes were not high for many migrants ... and we were right! The only grounded migrant was a single Chiffchaff caught in the Newton (see right).

Single Grey Plover, Whimbrel, Swift and Peregrine and two Little Egrets (see below) and the incessant rain did little to lift the mood that spring was really over.

A final round of the island at about 730pm (between rain showers) produced nothing in the traps. However, from the SK paddock a large white bird wading in the gutter east of Middle Hilbre was spotted and set alarm bells ringing. A quick dash back to the Obs and grab of the telescope confirmed it to be a Spoonbill; the first one ever to be seen from the island (see left).

The bird was an immature and it stayed a short while feeding in the gutter before the semi-resident pair of Herring Gulls and a Great Black-backed harrassed it and it flew to below the Obs garded in the east side gutter - by now it was being watched from the comfort of the Obs balcony.

After a while it decided to fly off south. However, a short time later it reappeared in the same spot as it was originally found opposite Middle. A mini-twitch from the mainland ensued - and one fortunate member made it in time just as two mountain-bikers accidentally flushed it and it flew between the islands and off towards Wales (see right).

Another great bird for the island.

[DB (briefly), FD, CJ, CLW, NDW, SRW + TGW, CJW (f), GIW] Photos SRW

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