Sunday 18 June 2023

18th June 2023

 Weather:  SE force 2,  dry

Even though its fairly quiet birdwise on the island theres always something to see. Our long staying Black Guillemot showed well during the day. Before high tide it was with Oystercatchers down by Middle Eye before moving over to the whaleback. 


It then flew off, again with Oystercatchers, before reappearing on the east side as the tide ebbed.


A sub-adult male Eider was also present. Rock Pipits at the north end have fledged at least one young and an adult was seen feeding a youngster a sea slater (jasper) which it seemed reluctant to take.


There was a small Swift passage with 12 logged along with a single Sand Martin. The resident Swallows were actively feeding around the island and over the sea in the good weather. Linnets appear to be having a good season with another two new birds ringed - both in breeding condition. A surprising find was a number of small froglets hopping around the grass alongside the pond whilst a Cinnabar moth was expected as the ragwort is beginning to flower.

 In a few weeks it’ll be covered in the distinctive orange and black caterpillars of this daytime flying moth. Another notable invertebrate was a single Wool Carder Bee collecting pollen from a Mallow flower. The males of this species are hairier than the females and this appears to be a male. Unlike most bee species the male is also larger than the female. 



The single Sea Holly plant will soon be in flower whilst the Rock Sea Lavender has taken over from the Thrift in providing a splash of colour on the islands.

Ringed : 2 Linnets

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