Sunday 25 May 2014

25th May 2014

Weather: SE 3, cloud variable, vis variable, precipitation variable!

Woodpigeon (CJ)
The day began brightly with sunshine early morning but a little mist and south easterly breeze giving us some hope of migration.  A Woodpigeon (left) was the first migrant seen early morning resting on the five bar gate and the bird then proceeded to spend the day on the island in various locations including 'Gropper Ridge' and the large sycamore in the east side garden of Telegraph House and was seen in flight many times.

However, the first couple of trap rounds were null ones until a Willow Warbler appeared in the Old Obs mist net.  Mist and cloud rolled in from the south and the breeze freshened giving it a more autumnal feel by 7am and this no doubt helped drop a few migrants in including single White Wagtail, Wheatear another Willow Warbler, Whitethroat and a Sedge Warbler which was trapped and ringed.
White Wagtail - the seventh to be caught and ringed this Spring (SRW)

The potter traps at the North End produced yet another male White Wagtail (the seventh of the spring to be caught and ringed thanks to the efforts of DB).

Sedge Warbler (SRW)

The sun burst through again from 930am which slowed the birds and the observers down a little but our fourth Spotted Flycatcher of the Spring appeared near the Heli and enjoyed flycatching from various trees and bushes including the recently named 'Little Bunting Bush'. It was captured on film and video but kept away from out heligoland traps and mist nets before it was chased off by one of the local Swallows.  However, it soon reappeared back in its by now favoured stunted sycamore before finally disappearing just before the heavy rain set in at 4.30pm.

Spotted Flycatcher (SRW)

Spotted Flycatcher (SRW)
Insects were not as evident today in general terms but a large emergence of Blue-tailed Damselflies occurred from the main pond with at least 100 observed there and around the island.
Blue-tailed Damselfly (CJ)

Ringing: Willow Warbler (2), Sedge Warbler, Linnet (2 juvs), White Wagtail

(CJW(f), GIW, SRW (from over), DB, CJ et al) [587-33]

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