Sunday 4 May 2014

4th May 2014

Weather: WSW 2, 7/8 cloud, light shower 9am

Not so many birds around today but still a pleasant morning on the island with plenty to see. The first round of the traps produced a singing Chiffchaff caught in the Heli whilst a singing Sedge Warbler seemingly disappeared. As it grew lighter a Swallow was caught in the Obs garden mist night (the first to be caught this year) - we won't know if it was one of the resident pair or a passage bird as there were a few passing through early morning. 

A slight drizzle resulted in a small fall of Wheatears with a male Greenland being caught in a potter trap - much to the delight of a school party of year 1 pupils from Birkenhead Primary School who were able to see the bird in the hand and subjected the ringer to a barrage of questions.  A female was seen to fly into the window of the telegraph station and was picked up stunned and taken back to the Obs to recover. It eventfully flew off but wasn't ringed.

The Sedge Warbler reappeared singing in the garden of Telegraph House mid morning and was eventually caught, with another new Chiffchaff, in the Old Obs garden.

A Chiffchaff ringed 4 days ago with a pollen horn was re-trapped again today and found to have gained 0.5 g weight.

Amongst the non avian fauna a nest of Short-tailed Field Voles provided the 'ahh' factor whilst the Netted Pug caught overnight in the Obs moth trap was a 'lifer' for one observer.

(DCT, PT, NDW & PSW) [500-30] Photos PSW

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