Wednesday 28 May 2014

28th May 2014

Weather: NNE 4, increasing to NE 6 by evening, rain for much of the day

The weather was rather uninspiring but coverage of the island this spring remains  excellent (as with the last few years) and has already reaped its rewards but it's not over yet!

However, today was only memorable for the filming of a programme by the BBC between the islands around high tide 'Puppy Love' has been filmed around North Wirral and today's scenes involved some action between Hilbre and Middle Eye at high tide with four small boats with camera crew, actors, support and even frog men.

A couple of Little Egrets milled about in the gutter but the breeding birds were having a hard enough time with the poor weather without the appearance of the Kestrel; although his focus was on the local Short-tailed Field Voles.

(DB, SRW) [591-33]

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