Friday 23 October 2015

23rd October 2015

Weather: SSW   force 3/4  cloudy
Shelduck over the ridge (AEH)
An early morning tide at 07.45hrs  made for a later start but it seems little would have been missed as the trapping area was all quiet at first although 2 Goldcrests appeared as the morning went on. There were many Shelduck about the islands on the ebb tide with 250 off the east side and another 100 between Little Eye and Tanskey rocks, all flying off when the sands became exposed. The only visible migration were typical late autumn birds, a flock of 70 Starlings crossing Middle Eye with 3 more over later, and then a total of 6 Skylarks calling over the main island. Two Gannets were close to the north end with another further out and a Razorbill sat distantly off the north end. Four Rock Pipits were noted and at least 64 Brent Geese were south of Middle as the tide ebbed.
Ringed: 1 Goldcrest           [ 569-40 ] 

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