Saturday 3 July 2021

3rd July 2021

 Weather: SSE force 1, later ESE 4 with rain and then SE 3

 A nice early morning soon turned to rain by 0930, two Collared doves dropped in at the North end and a single Starling flew around calling as the resident Whitethroat serenaded the locals. Eight Swifts came through to join the local Swallows. Sandwich and Common tern numbers continue to build slowly and a few more Shelduck fed on the shoreline with small numbers of Curlew. Gulls again were noted in numbers with over 250 Black-headed, 2000 Herring, 35 Great and 20 Lesser black-backed being recorded. A Whimbrel and a Bar-tailed Godwit were among the waders noted.

The moth trap produced a reasonable catch as follows:

Garden Tiger 1, Cabbage 1, Common Footman 1, Buff tip 1, Heart & Dart 4, Dark Arches 3, Uncertain 2, Small Elephant Hawk moth 1, Shoulder-striped Wainscot 1, Dark Sword-grass 1, True Lovers Knot 1, Riband Wave 1, Pale Pinion 1, Common Pug 2, Mottled Rustic 1, Common/Lesser Common Rustic 1,Cinnabar 4 (paddock) Some Micro moths were also identical including Eurocosma campoliliana 4, Metzneria lappella 1, and Acleris bergmanniana 1 which was a new record for the island.

Garden Tiger
True Lovers Knot

Small Elephant Hawk

Acleris bergmanniana
photos CJW

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