Tuesday 6 July 2021

6th July 2021

 Weather:  NNE force 4/5, WNW 6 by midday   rain with poor visibility

Poor visibility and rain persisted over the tide but at least 43 Manx Shearwater went west passed the north end with some then going into the swash to the west of the island.

 It was whilst trying to photograph some of these that a Arctic Skua was spotted . A flock of 22 Scoter also went west and a Razorbill was off the north end, while 18 Gannets were also on the sea. There was a roost of over 300 terns (mostly Sandwich) on the east hoyle after tide including 14 juveniles, plus many more still travelling up and down the swash to feed young not yet fledged.

The 3 Raven again appeared late afternoon with a juvenile being enticed into taking flying lessons with tasty morsels.


In these conditions few of the landbirds were seen, but the Whitethroat was not phased and continued to sing, and both Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies flew..

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