Sunday 14 May 2017

14th May 2017

Weather: SW 2/3, 2/8 cloud, good vis, 30+ miles

Today started very quietly indeed, the wind temporarily dropping though meant it was a very pleasant start to the day but there was little in the way of migrant arrivals other than a single Willow Warbler in the Obs garden and then in Telegraph House garden.

A few Whimbrel could be heard calling around Middle and the main island but numbers of smaller waders again decreased on the last week.

With expectation at a real low in comparison with the last couple of weeks it was a great surprise when one observer walked down to the North End to check the waders and noticed an unusual bird fly up from below ‘Buzzard hill’ along the east side and alight on the wall of the Lifeboat Station - a Shorelark!

The observer retreated realising that the Shorelark may have been feeding around the area of the Khyber Pass/Buzzard Hill/Bunting Brow.  News was quickly released via Twitter, Whatsapp and Text (as is the way these days!). Those present on the island enjoyed the bird as it showed well but intermittently in that area including at one point on Wheatear wall.

Members from the mainland soon arrived to see this very rare Hilbre bird.

Interestingly the bird was calling regularly and moved around the North End area including by the light before alighting briefly on the fence post to Telegraph House west garden and even landing on the roof of the Buoymaster's house!

The bird remained until the evening when further members of the Obs and visiting birders alike enjoyed this visitor in beautiful surroundings in the lovely evening sunshine.

Photos by AEH, CJ, PSW and SRW

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