Saturday 16 April 2022

16th April 2022

 Weather: SE force 2/3,  4 later

Just after dawn Pink-footed geese were heard and eventually spotted just before they landed on the sand towards Red Rocks, only six of them and unusual for them to come down on the beach. Only 2 Brent seem to remain this morning, but still 5 Purple Sandpipers, although the spring did welcome in 6 Whimbrel. The Eider today had increased to 3 males and there were 3 male Goosander along with 2 females on the sea west of the reef as the tide made. 

 There was much displaying amongst the Shelduck on both of the larger islands. 

A male Blackcap turned up in the late morning and 2 Woodpigeon flew south, a few Willow Warblers were present with one singing but otherwise (apart from a few Goldfinch, a Siskin, a Sand Martin, and 8 Wheatear moving through) there was little migration.

 Some of the 80 Dunlin saw out the tide around the island.

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