Wednesday 20 April 2022

20th April 2022

Weather: NW  force 0/1, veering gradually to E 0/1 during the morning  misty around coasts.

Definitely not a day of large movements of migrants with species passing only in small numbers. Mallards decided to see in the dawn from on top of the bunk room building.

There were just 2 Willow Warblers this morning, one was ringed, it was a big bird (11.6 grams) carrying lots of fat for a long journey....

...while the other showed itself well in the open but avoided the trapping area.

after featuring a levitating Wheatear on the 10th April, we now have a levitating Willow Warbler.

Single figures of Goldfinches and Redpolls called over, also a Siskin and a Tree Pipit. Five Swallows came through, all individually. It was very pleasing to see a juvenile Blackbird, the progeny of the pair breeding on the main island. Adults from the pair of Song Thrushes were again feeding near the light.

Two Brent arrived, origin unknown, and 5 Whimbrel marched about the rocks and shoreline


At high tide in the afternoon 5 Purple Sandpipers roosted and the male Eider appeared. Up to 350 Dunlin were also amongst the various waders at high tide.


 A Green-veined White and 3 Orange tips enjoyed the sunshine and the flowers of Hoary Cress today.

 Photos CJ, AS, PSW

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