Tuesday 5 April 2022

5th April 2022

Weather: W force 6/7

A very brief visit before the tide was made in uncomfortable conditions for viewing with a near gale blowing from the west, the reward however were the first 3 Gannets of the year. Two of the Gannets were close in off the west side of the island.

Sandwich Terns are the next new sea birds expected, they should be here quite soon now. Only 2 Little Egrets were feeding before the tide, their plumes indicating the wind direction today.

Two Grey Plover were also in the gutter. The Brent were counted at 228 birds, that's probably about the total as of now, the majority will be expected to leave within the next a couple of weeks. No sign of any small migrants, maybe we will have to await more favourable conditions. 

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