Sunday, 19 December 2010

Norwegian Ringed Oystercatcher

On 12th December 2010 a freshly dead Oystercatcher was found on the East Hoyle Sand Bank (see blog for that date). It was found to be ringed and the ring identified it having been ringed in Norway (see left) with the words "Stavanger Museum" inscribed on it (see right). Details have been sent off to the BTO and we await news of exactly where and when the bird was ringed. Photos Oystercatcher PSW and rings SRW.


Richard du Feu said...

Nice find apart from the dead bit. It would be worth sending biometrics in with the recovery with particular reference to the state of moult. All the oyks I found on Foulney last week had failed to complete their moult.

Hilbre Steve said...

Hi Richard

Thanks for your comment, unfortunately the ring was removed from the dead bird on the sandbank so we do not have details.