Wednesday 11 May 2022

11th May 2022

 Weather: SW force 2 veering WSW   intermittent showery rain

 A brief visit was made to see what the island holds after the change in weather to a more westerly airstream. There were no warblers and only 3 Greenland Wheatears were on the island despite reports of a large arrival of them mid-morning at Red Rocks only half a mile or so distant. It is often noticed how different the birding can be between the 2 places on the same day. Hirundines appeared in small numbers between rain showers (Swallows and 3 Sand Martin). 

The resident drake Eider was in the gutter on the ebb tide. There were still 20 Whimbrel to see and hear, also 12 Ringed Plover, 17 Turnstone and 150 Dunlin. The Kestrel showed up again after being missing for a few days and 10 Little Egrets and a Grey Heron fed. Twenty Shelduck were around but the only terns were 6 of the Sandwich variety.

 Photos SRW

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