Wednesday 19 May 2021

19th May 2021

Weather: W 4,  mostly dry sunny 

A very quiet day bird wise on the island with the wind blowing in from the west at a constant force 4. The Common Whitethroat is still singing and holding territory in the SK paddock with occasional forays down as far as the Obs garden. The Pied Wagtails nest appears to have been predated with no sign of the adult birds and only one egg remaining in the nest. It appears the Rock Pipits have been more successful with an adult bird seen carrying a faecal sack. Wader numbers have dropped off but there was  good count of 39 Turnstones including one flock of 20 that flew in to the north end off the sea to join a flock of 12 already present. A smaller flock of 7 stuck to the rocks on the east side. Little Egrets are now a commonly recorded species and a flock of 7 were logged fishing for crustaceans in the gutter. They disturb the shrimps from the sand by stirring it up with their feet in much the same way as gulls paddle for worms on grassy fields.

No birds were ringed.

photo PSW

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