Sunday 30 May 2021

30th May 2021

 Weather: SE force 0/1     very misty around the coast

 A still and misty early morning start and observers were impressed with the other worldly light as the sun rose. 

For the first hour there was very little to report but as daylight increased things improved somewhat. Two Redpolls passed over and a Collared Dove arrived and flew around the island for about 15 minutes or so and was pursued by a determined Meadow Pipit which managed to keep pace with the dove the whole time it was flying, even when it left for Middle and returned, we are uncertain what it thought the dove was.

 Three Swifts arrived from the south and flew north west passed the obs, they have been scarce this spring.

In the calm conditions it was unexpected to view a close pass by a sub-adult Gannet, no other sea birds were evident apart from 40 Common Terns and 65 Black-headed Gulls. Despite being missing first thing the pair of Eiders showed up on the whaleback as they have been doing lately. The Whitethroat still sings lustily when not disturbed, and Wrens as always were trying their utmost to attempt to compete.

A juvenile Blackbird was seen with the adult male. Waders were almost entirely absent at low tide but a Whimbrel was recorded, while 5 Little Egrets fed in the gutters. A Peregrine landed on the sands of the east hoyle. A Common Seal sat on the west hoyle keeping apart from the Grey Seals there. The Thrift is now looking it's best on the island.

 In the late afternoon a Painted Lady appeared, perhaps the precursor of an invasion ?

In the evening the sunset was spectacular from the island.

Ringed : 2 Linnets.

 photos AEH, CJ, KMc, CJW

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