Monday 24 May 2021

24th May 2021

Weather:  SE force 2/3   WNW 3/4 later in the afternoon

For the second time recently a fox was seen early morning leaving the island for the mainland, it could be bad news for the breeding birds, although a quick look around did not see any obvious disturbance at this stage.

It appears the Eiders (2males+1female) are determined to stay the breeding season here as are a few Shelduck. The pair of Pied Wagtails may produce another brood given time.

The Swallows may do likewise if the food supply is plentiful.

The high tide produced 8 Gannets, 45 Common and 10 Sandwich Terns, single Great Crested Grebe and Common Scoter, while a Guillemot stayed local to the island.

A Kestrel was on the island and a Peregrine was seen to catch a medium sized prey over the sea off the north end. Waders were short in total numbers; 70 Dunlin, 37 Ringed Plover and 3 Turnstone. A Chiffchaff joined the male Whitethroat but were the sole warblers present and a Goldfinch was the only migrant finch. Three passing House Martins went through while the local Swallows were feeding.

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