Saturday 5 March 2022

5th March 2022

Weather: N force 4

Even though the cold breeze was in the north this morning, a small amount of movement was noticeable. Headline amongst them were a pair of Tree sparrows, a scace species at Hilbre even at times of passage. They came in from the west and headed north up the island (picture Hilbre, Feb 2018 AS). 

A Starling lingered a while, checking out the buildings and 3 Siskins, 7 Goldfinches and a Reed Bunting passed through. A few dozen Common Gulls came by in addition to the 1,200 or so Herring, 10 Great Black Back gulls and a Lesser. Four Scoter were on the sea and 3 Mallard around the island. The local birds made it feel like spring again with Meadow and Rock pipits, Blackbird, Dunnock and Robin all performing, in particular we could have 3 pairs of Rock Pipits breeding this year if we are lucky. There were 18 Linnets today, no doubt preparing for the coming season. The Kestrel was again present and spent some time entertaining itself with the parachuting pipits!

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