Monday 5 September 2022

5th September 2022

Weather:  SE force 2

A birder on the marine lake wall had an exciting moment as an Osprey flew over, hovered and dived for a fish in the lake, right alongside visitors walking the wall and oblivious to the drama unfolding. The Osprey flew to the Tanskey rocks to eat and stayed on the rocks for an hour or so before flying off to the lake and then over Wirral (photos RS). It was seen distantly on Tanskies by 3 obs members from various viewpoints including the main island.

Meanwhile on the island things were a lot less headline making. A Common Snipe was flushed first thing on the reef just south of Middle. On arrival no warblers were found and no Wheartears although one did appear at the north end later on. 

 A small number of Swallows started moving through late morning as did a Grey Wagtail and the couple of Robins ringed were undoubtedly newcomers. The roaming flock of LInnets numbered 70 on Middle at one stage. Cormorants again gathered at the north end in the sunshine, the green ringed bird was seen again.

Meanwhile on the east side of the north end rocks Sandwich Terns assembled in preference to the east hoyle sands.

 There were about 45 Sandwich Terns but also a few Common Terns.


 In the afternoon they were back on the east hoyle.

 Sandwich and Common Terns showed their flight skills.

 As did the Gannets, several in view during the day.

Fifiteen Bar-tailed Godwits were noted on the afternoon flood tide and 12 Black-tailed Godwits alnded in a group on the shore.

Nine Little Egrets were on the shore. Another day of many Red Admirals, in certain places they formed loose groups together.

 Photos CJ, SRW  & thanks to Richard Speechley (Osprey)

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